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***Traidcraft & the Real Easter Egg***

***Traidcraft & the Real Easter Egg***

Today we learnt that Traidcraft has gone into administration. Like many people we were unaware this was about to happen.

Our thoughts are with the staff, suppliers and the growers who supplied the tea, coffee, sugar, chocolate and crafts.

We are a separate business from Traidcraft with our own shop and warehouses so we are not impacted by this sad news.

Many of you will have supported Traidcraft over the years. We have worked with them since the late 1990s and it is a huge loss.

The UK fairtrade movement, as we know it, would not exist without Traidcraft.

They helped set up the Fairtrade scheme. They campaigned to get Fairtrade into supermarkets. They provided the commercial arm for all sorts of campaigns from Make Poverty History to supporting the work of the charity Transform Trade (formerly Traidcraft Exchange).

When we first went to them with the idea of our Real Easter Egg they were the only business which got what we wanted to do, back in 2011.

They were a dedicated team of activists who changed the world by putting justice at the heart of trade.

Where to order this year

We are continuing to sell Real Easter Eggs from our own website. If you are among the many hundreds of people who usually order their eggs from Traidcraft, we don’t want you to miss out! You will now need to order your eggs directly from us here.

If you are a Fairtrader or retailer, wanting an account with us, call 01925 877004 or email

Once again, we look forward to working with you in bringing the Easter story to thousands of people, many of whom may have little or no knowledge of the real meaning of Easter.

Pictured above: our very first donation check presented in 2011 by Meaningful Chocolate Company staff and Liza - Traidcraft's Head of Program Funding & Evaluation and Paul Chandler Chief Executive of Traidcraft.

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