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What people say...Easter

 The Real Easter Egg gives consumers their first ever chance to buy an Easter egg that not only tastes good but does good, bringing to light the Easter themes of hope and new life. I believe there will be widespread support for the product from the faith community and wider afield with many millions likely to be interested. The Real Easter Egg is a chance to educate and do good – giving money to charitable projects.

Former Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu.

‘A really good Easter present for my grandchildren. Chocolate is good, it's Fairtrade & it comes with the Easter story, the real meaning of Easter.’


‘I wanted Christian Easter Eggs for my grandchildren and that is exactly what I got. Thank you.’

‘Brilliant for Junior Choir Easter egg hunt. I buy them every year.’

‘The Special Edition egg was actually bigger than I anticipated. Gorgeous tasting chocolate!'

'Brilliantly & beautifully boxed. Fantastic idea- causing one to focus on the real meaning of Easter without being “in your face.' 

  ‘I wasn’t sure these would be fully appreciated by my nieces and nephews since they’re pretty young. WRONG! My 9 year old niece immediately recognised the Fairtrade sign and proceeded to explain to everyone else what that meant; a nephew was desperate to get at the storybook inside... it was brilliant!’

The Real Easter Egg appeared on Morning TV.