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On this page you will find resources to download. Scroll down to view. You will need Adobe PDF and/or Powerpoint 2010 (or later) to access the presentations.

All Age Assembly Resource: Easter Surprises

This assembly explores the surprises of Easter time and reflects upon the experience of Jesus' friends and disciples that first Easter. PDF

 Real Easter Egg 2021 Resources 

Below you will find resources to help you promote the Real Easter Egg including posters, sign-up lists, photos and magazine articles. Scroll down for Easter assembly resources (coming early Spring).

Real Easter Egg marketing pack 

Order form PDF
Sign-up form A4 PDF
Order now poster A4 PDF  A3 PDF
Black and white flyer (A5) PDF

2021 Real Easter Egg images for download

Original Real Easter Egg box with contents (left) 2021 JPEG

Original Real Easter Egg with contents (right) 2021 JPEG

Dark Real Easter Egg box with contents 2021 JPEG

Special Edition Egg box with contents 2021 JPEG

Real Easter Egg Sharing box with contents 2021 JPEG

Real Easter Egg Fun Pack with contents 2021 JPEG

White Real Easter Egg box with contents JPEG

Magazine Articles and ads

Magazine 2021 article text WORD

Magazine A5 Article (colour) PDF

The Bitter Truth about Chocolate  PDF