Each of our product campaigns have a range of resources to support them. On this page you will find resources to download. Scroll down to view. You will need Adobe PDF and/or Powerpoint 2010 (or later) to access the presentations.


Advent 2017

Marketing pack (download)

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Magazine Articles
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School & Church presentations
There are four assembly resources including an all age worship idea for schools and churches which we hope will help you to explore Advent. You may want to take the resources directly or adapt them to suit your own purposes. You will need Powerpoint 2010 (or later) to access the presentations.

All Age Worship: Counting down the days   PDF    

This resource introduces the idea of Advent and reflects how we can prepare for Christmas every day in Advent. The resource uses the Advent calendar to present the story of Christmas and provides a reflection and prayer about  counting down the days to Christmas.

Education Resources 2017

Key Stages 1 - 2: Pouring oil on troubled water  PDF    Powerpoint

This assembly resource helps explore how the birth of Jesus brought peace to the world. The resource includes a power point which includes illustrations from Alida Massari which beautifully illustrate the Christmas story.  Designed to allow for an interactive question and answer session to help children with their knowledge of the Christmas story.

Key Stage 3 - 4: The Christmas story: interrupted   PDF   Powerpoint

This  resource contains a script which can be acted out at assemblies. The script is based on a mother reading the Christmas story to her children. It allows older children to remember what it was like to read the Christmas story for the first time. The resource also explores the lasting power of the Christmas story and reflects how the Christmas story challenges us individually to make a difference by sharing God's love.

All age immersive experience: welcome to Bethlehem PDF

This resource provides a plan and ideas for a range of activities based upon a visit to Bethlehem market at the time of Jesus' birth. There are a range of practical and dramatic activities for the community to enjoy. The resource also provides a reflection upon the lasting impact of the birth of Jesus.

Adnoddau Cymraeg

Addoliad i bob oed: Cyfri'r Dyddiau PDF

 CA 1-2: Tawelu'r Tonnau PDF  PowerPoint

 CA 3-4: Torri ar draws Hanes y Nadolig PDF PowerPoint

Profiad tri-dimensiwn: Croeso i Bethlehem PDF