What people say...Advent

"The Real Advent Calendar is a great idea. Not only does it raise money for good causes and is made from Fairtrade Chocolate but is also tells the Christmas story."

Alan Titchmarsh

“I encourage everyone to buy a Real Advent Calendar. Not only is it educational and made from Fairtrade chocolate but it’s a great opportunity to raise funds to help equip and support The Funzi and Bodo Trust baby clinic in Kenya.”

Diane Louise Jordan

Customer Comments

'Our son loves the book and  is really looking forward to his favourite characters which are the wise men.'

“I did order some of your lovely Advent Calendars. I took them along to our meetings on 6th of this month and sold all but 1 of the 36! I then showed a few friends after Mass on Sunday & had "orders" for a further 21!”

“Thank you so much for keeping Christ in Christmas.”

''The added story book and charitable donation make this calendar very special, I love it!”

“I wanted to tell you that we have given lots of the wonderful Advent Calendars away, and many people in our church have sent them overseas too.”

“I was pleased to be able to send a case of these to my old school so my teacher friends could use them over Advent. They were very much appreciated.”

“I was so happy to find an Advent Calendar like this! The artwork is beautiful and the chocolate smells amazing, I can't wait for 1st December. Fairtrade is important to me so I was very happy to see this. I was surprised to see how cheap it was considering.”

“Thank you so much for marketing a Christian Advent Calendar in mainstream stores WELL DONE.”

“Thank you so much for the Advent Calendar, so much appreciated by us all, and we have learnt a lot.”

“I am very pleased to find a lovely calendar with a traditional and inspiring design that relates to Christmas and is different from commercial calendars.”

“I was in the office at 11am on the 18th and heard the cry ‘story time’. Then all of my colleagues gathered around and read the page from their storybook and then had their chocolate. Apparently, they had been doing this all the way through Advent!”