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Real Advent Calendar 2019

We are busy getting ready for Advent.
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A great way to share the Christmas Story

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The Real Advent Calendar is the UK’s only Fairtrade Advent calendar which comes with a free 24 page Christmas story-activity book and supports charitable causes. 

The 2019 Real Advent Calendar is a fun way for parents, grandparents and Godparents to share the Christmas story. The 2019 calendar has a new design. There is a Fairtrade Chocolate and a line of the Christmas story behind each of the 25 windows. The free book has a page for every day of Advent, expanding on the Christmas story and includes some fun challenges.

In addition, the support of a children’s hospital from sales, a National Schools and Youth Group competition and the free online all-age worship material make The Real Advent Calendar a great resource.

No other calendar enables parents and children to experience the Christmas story for 24 days, and be challenged to do some good in the season.

Meaningful Features

  • 24-page Christmas story activity book
  • Behind each of the 25 windows there is a line from the Christmas story with a high quality colour picture
  • Foiled for freshness
  • 25 Festive Fairtrade chocolates made from our improved Fairtrade blend-35% cocoa
  • Palm oil free
  • Charitable donation
  • Recyclable box and tray
  • Made, designed and produced in the UK
  • NEW super strong mailer boxes for 2019 deliveries - 18 calendars a box
  • Now also available in singles in any quantities

The Real Advent Calendar is designed to share and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas so that Christ is not written out of Christmas.

The Real Advent Calendar RRP is £3.99 and it is available directly from our on-line shop, from larger Tesco stores and select retailers. Supplies are limited so buy early.

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Other information and downloads

Read about the charities helped by The Real Advent Calendar here.

Information for schools here and churches here

You can read more about the Real Advent Calendar Campaign here

Download resources here.