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About our chocolate

Our sugar comes from cooperatives in Paraguay and Belize. Most of our cocoa comes from cooperatives in Ghana (Kuapa Kokoo Co-operative Cocoa Farmers and Marketing Union Limited Ghana). We also source beans from cooperatives in the Dominican Republic, Peru, Panama and Ecuador. Depending on what we are making our chocolate is blended in Belgium, Switzerland or in the UK. It is then moulded and packed in the UK.

All of our chocolate contains Fairtrade certified ingredients. Fairtrade means that farmers and growers in developing countries receive a fairer price.

The word 'Fairtrade' is a registered word and logo. So you can only use the Fairtrade logo and the word Fairtrade if your chocolate is certified Fairtrade.

Some companies will often say the are 'Fair trade', splitting the word into two words 'fair' and 'trade'. They do this because they are not usually Fairtrade registered and are not usually using Fairtrade certified chocolate.

This means they can make claims about their chocolate being 'ethical' and it is up to the consumer to check if the claims are true. The Fairtrade Foundation, which runs Fairtrade in the UK does not check. So look out for 'Fairtrade' not 'fair trade'.

Fairtrade - the gold standard

There are many claims made by companies that their chocolate is ethical. But unless it is Fairtrade you cannot be sure the farmers are getting a fair price. 

All our chocolate is Fairtrade. This means our farmers receive a fair price for their sugar and cocoa and an extra Fairtrade Premium cash payment which they can use to invest in their community, buying everything from schoolbooks to solar panels and providing fresh water supplies. 

The Fairtrade Foundation operates Fairtrade. It makes sure that farmers actually do receive a fair price and the Fairtrade Premiums. They also check the work conditions and other environmental issues such as sustainability. 

For more information about Fairtrade, please visit the Fairtrade Foundation here.