Church Easter

Church Campaign

(free delivery)
To allow us to continue to make The Real Easter Egg, we need people to switch and buy. To achieve this goal, we need to communicate this message as soon as possible. Don’t forget, delivery is free if you spend more than £45 and order by 6th March 2017.

How you can help
We sell the Real Easter Egg in three ways: by people buying directly from us, from independent retailers and from supermarkets. The supermarkets, which are stocking the eggs, will only ever have about 12 eggs on display in any one store.
So they would be simply overwhelmed by the demand from a typical church. Last year hundreds of churches placed orders directly with us in quantities ranging from 12-1,000 eggs. Direct sales are very important for our company to trade.

So we need a champion to encourage people to buy directly from us. The best way to collect orders is for a champion (maybe you) to use the posters and flyers on this site to generate interest, encourage people to switch and collect orders. Then go online to buy.

There is free delivery if you order by 6th March 2017. Click here to buy eggs