Making a big chunk of difference

The calendar is the UK’s only Fairtrade charitable calendar. From sales of the calendar in 2013, we donated more than £18,000 to the Children’s Society. Then, in 2014, we donated a further £18,000 to equip a baby clinic on the Kenyan Island of Funzi . Further donations were made in 2015 and 2016 to The Funzi and Bodo Trust and Traidcraft Exchange.

Money raised from the sale of the 2017 calendar will help The Funzi and Bodo Trust equip a clinic in Kenya.

Meaningful donations
The Meaningful Chocolate Company is run by people who are passionate about ethical trading and faith. We have donated more than £250,000 from sales to charitable causes, development and education projects.
We have also supported:
Traidcraft Exchange
The Leprosy Mission
Christians Against Poverty
Baby Lifeline

So enjoy the moment - chocolate that tastes good and does good - chocolate that makes a big chunk of difference.