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Church Advent

2020 was like no other year. All of us experienced loss: some lost loved ones, churches and schools were closed, people were locked at home separated from friends and family, and work for many was suspended or came to an end. As we enter the autumn there are still many unknowns.

While it might be an option to do nothing, we believe that now is the time to embrace the ‘new normal’ and a unique time to share the message of hope, faith and love found in the key festivals of Christmas and Easter.

That is why, despite the economic difficulties, we have decided to carry on producing our Real Advent Calendar - in a special edition which for 25 days this December provides an opportunity to share the story of Christmas and challenge people to think of others.

So we are inviting you to buy a Real Advent Calendar this autumn and encourage others to give one to their loved ones, a school or sponsor a food bank donation. You will find more details inside this publication.

How you can help

For the past ten years, we have relied on people being champions by buying direct from us,spreading the word and encouraging others to buy. This year we are offering four ways to buy from us:

1. Be a Champion and collect orders from family and friends and order a case from us. We have created downloadable resources which will help you spread the word. You can view and download them here. 

2. Buy a case to share with friends, family or a school.

3. Send single calendars in any numbers direct through the post.

4. Sponsor a calendar, case or pallet to be sent to a food bank.

Help us share the news
We do not have the large marketing budgets of Cadbury so we rely on people to spread the word that The Real Advent Calendar exists. Please friend us on Facebook, follow us on twitter and make sure you have signed up for our e-newsletter.

Churches (free delivery offer)

Stocks are limited and we recommend placing bulk orders as soon as possible.  Mainland delivery is free (ex Highlands and Isles) on orders for at least one case of 18 calendars which reach us by 6th November. 

Details of how to buy can be found here. You can read more about the calendar here.

All Age Worship Resource (coming soon)

Competition for churches and youth groups

The challenge is for young people to design the front of an Advent Calendar incorporating the symbol of the rainbow.There are three first prizes of £50 worth of book tokens in each category and two runners up in each category will receive £25 worth of book tokens. All winners and runners-up will also receive some Fairtrade. More details here.