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Thanks for your support. Here's what happened this year...

Thanks for your support. Here's what happened this year...

As we entered 2023 we were unsure what it would bring. There were economic pressures, inflation and, sadly, Traidcraft ceased to trade. 

We stuck to our belief that people should have a choice when giving Easter eggs and that The Real Easter Egg is a great way to share the Easter Story.

I am happy to say that people still agree. We have sold out of most of our eggs and have just a few left here.

Sharing the story from Orkney's to Land's End

This year, more than 130,000 Real Easter Eggs will be given with and more than 450,000 people will read the Easter story, many for the first time.

If you bought from us then you are part of a network which stretches from the Orkneys to Land's End, which covers all church traditions and which every year comes together to share the Easter story, support Fairtrade and charitable causes. 

Thank you and have a blessed Holy Week and Easter. 

Ps don't forget to remind those who have been given an Original or Dark egg to enter the competition included in their Easter Story book.

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