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Meaningful Fairtrader scheme

In early 2023 Traidcraft sadly announced they were no longer trading. Many of their Fair Traders needed a way to buy Real Easter Eggs, Real Advent Calendars and our chocolate bars.


As a separate business from Traidcraft with our own shop and warehouses, we set up the Meaningful Fairtrader scheme. Below you can apply for an account and see the benefits.

Benefits of opening a Fairtrader account

To qualify for a Fairtrader discount the minimum order value is £150

Qualifying orders receive 10% off the case RRP for eligible products
Free Postage and Packing
Free posters, banners, images promotional materials to download
Easy ordering - online or by email
Eco-friendly delivery in 3-4 working days
Credit can be applied for after you have placed your first order

Apply for an account below (sections marked with * must be completed)

Meaningful Chocolate Fairtrader Account Application