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Customised bars

custom bars

For the first time in the UK, gift shops have a fast track access to a fully certified Fairtrade bar with a customised wrapper.

A souvenir bar which carries the Fairtrade logo will be very attractive to visitors, customers and supporters- 80% of customers surveyed said they expect to see a Fairtrade souvenir bar in visitor shops.*

As part of the service, we design a wrapper with your own picture, logo and branding. You also have the opportunity to include text on the front and back. We will then take it through the Fairtrade approval process and our chocolate factory network will produce your customised luxury Meaningful Chocolate bars.

We do this as part of our commitment to ethical trading. Our aim is that all heritage and tourist attractions will make the switch and sign up for their own Meaningful Bar.

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We offer

  • Free Fairtrade certification
  • Free wrapper design
  • Free delivery
  • Free point of sale holder
  • Free graphics pack and press release for websites
  • You need only draw bars as required
  • Fairtrade chocolate options available: Milk 35%, Dark 70% and Orange Milk 

We believe that every tourism bar sold should be a Fairtrade tourism bar.

To order your own customised tourist bar email:

Still not convinced?

Common objections to switching

It’s too expensive - But we have made Fairtrade the same cost as non Fairtrade

The chocolate is not very good - We use Belgian Chocolate, the best in the world some say!

It's difficult to order Fairtrade stuff - we have a fast track system to get bars produced.

Not convinced , our chocolate is already fair - the Fairtrade mark can only be used on chocolate when the growers of the sugar and cocoa have received a fair price, along with a cash bonus for their work and met environmental standards. It’s not Fairtrade if there is no Fairtrade logo. 

It’s not part of our plan, no one else has one - There some key attraction which have already made the switch

Our visitors do not want it - survey’s show the majority of the UK population want to see attractions make the switch.

*online survey of 2,000 people 2013