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Why we have stories in our Easter Egg boxes?

Why we have stories in our Easter Egg boxes?

Back in 2010, out of the 80 million Easter eggs on sale in the UK, not one mentioned the religious aspect of Easter. So we created the Fairtrade Real Easter Egg to give people a choice.

Ten years ago our eggs only had a simple Easter story paragraph on the side of the box . But we realised that  boxes get thrown out while illustrated stories are read, kept and passed on. So in 2011 we started  to put  simple Easter stories inside our egg boxes.

Today we use top children's artists to illustrate our Easter stories which enables us to produce new editions and share the story fresh every year. 

All Real Easter Eggs come with an Easter story in the box. The stories range from simple guides to 24 page activity book versions.

This year, our 24 page version Easter story is illustrated by Martina Peluso and is included in the Original, White and Dark eggs. The drawings are beautiful and will delight children and adults. 

The book contains the story of the first Easter along with some fun activities. In the activity section there is a prize competition worth £200. Over its 24 pages, the story covers the final week of the life of Jesus and includes the events of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. It is a beautiful way to share the story of Easter with family and friends.

The prize competition is at the back of the Easter book. It is designed to encourage children of all ages to read the Easter story and take part. Younger children only have to answer 5 questions with the answers all in the book. Older children answer 10 questions, some of which may require research. 

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