The calendar that does good

We will be donating about £7,200 to the Funzi and Bodo Trust from this year's sales of Advent calendars. We also pay a percentage of our profit to the Fairtrade Foundation to support their work and we pay our farmers an additional cash premium for their chocolate and sugar. This year we were also able to donate to the Trussell Trust.

Donations to the Funzi and Bodo Trust will go to help a children's hospital in Kenya. You can see a video about the work of Funzi and Bodo below.

As ever, we want to thank you for your support this autumn. It is great that hundreds of thousands of people come together to share the Christmas story in inventive ways while supporting Fairtrade.

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  • Marjorie Campbell on

    Well done for this Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar which shows the real meaning of Christmas as it should be. It is so very well designed and interesting, every child should have one, even though this one was bought for my friend who is 75! Also, well done to Tesco for selling the real meaning of Christmas. I hope this does help the people where it is needed.

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