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Supermarkets not stocking Real advent Calendar

Supermarkets not stocking Real advent Calendar

For the first time in eight years supermarkets will not be stocking The Real Advent Calendar.
The Real Advent Calendar was launched in 2002 and includes a 24 page Christmas Story activity book and supports Fairtrade. No other calendar does this so it's absence from the shelves of supermarkets marks a significant step. 
We tried our best with Tesco, our usual stockist, but it seems there was no room on their shelves for the Christmas story this year.
If you are one of the 60,000 people who usually buy a Real Advent Calendar at Tesco then you need to buy from our website. But be quick as there will not be enough calendars to go round and we ran out early last year.
Where to buy-free delivery
Real Advent Calendars cost £4.50 and come in singles or in cases of 18 with free delivery*. You can buy here
*If you spend more than £79 then there is free delivery to mainland GB excluding Isles and Highlands.
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