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Real demand for the Easter Egg

Supermarkets and independent retailers across the UK are being inundated with calls from customers searching for The real Easter Egg, the first and only Fairtrade egg to mention Jesus and the events of Holy Week on the box.

Morrison’s, Waitrose, Co-op and Booths are stocking a limited ‘trial listing’ of the Real Easter Egg and selling it in their biggest stores. Traidcraft’s network of 6,500 retailers, a number of independent shops and a selection of cathedrals are also stocking The Real Easter Egg.

Dame Judi Dench, Sir Ben Kingsley and host of Coronation Street stars have backed the egg and ecclesiastical funded a national competition for schools and churches. With their help, with the support of Archbishops, bishops and hundreds of school and churches, The Real Easter Egg became the biggest mail order egg in the UK before going into stores.

With 7 million people going to church regularly and millions supporting the ethos behind Fairtrade products or attending church schools, we thought demand might be high but the response has been overwhelming and we have gone to four production runs to meet demand. Supermarkets are reporting that people are walking past the two for one offers to buy the egg or ordering dozens of eggs for home delivery.

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