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Real Advent Calendar Reusable Edition

Real Advent Calendar Reusable Edition


Looking for the ultimate ethical Advent Calendar? This reusable edition of the Real Advent Calendar is made from 100% cotton by an Indian co-operative.

It comes with 24 hand-embroidered pockets, 24 Fairtrade milk chocolate squares (35% cocoa) and a 24 page copy of the Christmas story. 

Very limited edition

Our Reusable Real Advent Calendar is available now and is flying off the shelves! As these are made by an Indian Cooperative once they are sold out there will be no more stocks. So if you fancy a unique version of our Real Advent Calendar.- we have already sold nearly half the stock so if you want one be quick and click below. £25.

Supporting the ethical supply chain - caring for growers, manufacturers and importers.



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