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Real Advent Calendar Competition Winners 2019

Real Advent Calendar Competition Winners 2019

We had loads of entries for our competition this year. Lots of clever and attractive calendar covers with the theme of The Star over Bethlehem.Thanks for all of the entries- there were loads to choose from but we finally arrived at these entries. Winners got £150 for their school or group and chocolate for themselves while runners up received £50 for their school or group and some chocolate for themselves. See below.

Church/Youth group winner

This amazing picture from Bamford Chapel and Norden URC God Squad. We loved the swirling patterns and use of blue and yellow as a truly majestic Star of Bethlehem dominates the sky.

Senior Winner

This beautiful evocation of the star over Bethlehem is our Senior winner. The artist comes from King's International College and we felt there was a great sense of calm in this composition. You can just make out the wise men in the foreground making their way to Bethlehem.

Junior Winner

A very joyful and colourful scene from Lawford CofE Primary School is our junior winner. As all gather under the star, the sense of joy is palpable..and it's nice to see one of the wise men's camels getting a rest after what must have been a long journey.

Church/Youth Group Runner Up

A lovely montage of the star resting over the busy streets of Bethlehem is our runner up from Holy Trinity, Little Amwell. The contrast of the dark with the bright colour is highly effective as the star lights up the town.

Senior Runner Up

This is a bold and striking picture from King's International College. It shows a traditional scene as the magi follow the star to Bethlehem. The use of shade and colour is fantastic , especially in the details of the wise men's clothing.

Junior Runner Up

 A blazing white star dominates the sky in this runner up picture from Ferryside School. It was one of the more striking representations of the Star of Bethlehem which we had seen and it made a very strong contrast with the richness of the surrounding scenery.

Church/Youth Group Honourable Mention

From 3rd South Shields Girls’ Brigade, we have a sky full of angels as the wise men arrive, following a golden star.

Junior Honourable Mention

This is picture full of fun from St Michael's, Newport. Mary and Joseph look full of happiness as they look at Jesus and above the star shines in the sky, bringing light to the scene.

Many thanks to all the young people, teachers and leaders who supported our competition. We wish you all a blessed Advent.

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