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How we became one the biggest publishers in the UK

How we became one the biggest publishers in the UK

Meaningful Publications

March 5th is World Book Day. As most of our products include story books or activity posters, with the support of thousands of people we have become one the biggest publishers of children's illustrated stories in the UK.

Since 2010, when we started The Meaningful Chocolate Company, we have published more than 20 versions of the Easter story running to millions of copies. We have also created 10 version of the Christmas story, again with millions of copies produced. 

Although our books are only available to buy with our Easter Eggs and Christmas goods, we like to think they play their part in encouraging reading and sharing the Easter and Christmas stories.

Here are some book related images from our archive ...

Pictured below - An Easter Egg hunt where kids were given a choice of Easter egg brands. Parents went for the biggest egg but the kids said they wanted a Real Easter Egg because it came with a book and they liked reading!


Below are some of the books we have published...

Easter 2020

Easter 2019 Shows sketch and colour drawing

Easter 2018

Easter 2017

Christmas 2019


Christmas 2018

Christmas 2017

Christmas 2016

Christmas 2015

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