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Food Bank Scheme launches

Food Bank Scheme launches

Our Food Bank Scheme is a great way to make sure a family in need receive a copy of the Christmas story and a Fairtrade treat.

For a reduced price you are able to buy a Real Advent Calendar or Host of Angels pack and we will send it to a Trussell food bank hub for distribution. 

Through feedback we know that families are touched to know that someone has thought of them at Christmas.

There are two ways of donating.
1. You can make an individual donation by popping a 'Food Bank Donation Calendar or Host of Angels' into your online shopping cart. You will not receive the item as it will be donated to a Trussell food bank hub along with other items which have been purchased for donation.

2. You can sponsor a pallet of calendars, which can be sent to a food bank of your choice. This might be a church run food bank, or your local Trussell Trust food bank. A large pallet has 864 calendars on it and a small pallets has 396 calendars. 

Further details about our 2021 donation scheme are available here.

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