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Brexit and supply chain issues

Brexit and supply chain issues

We are sure you will have seen media reports on difficulties in the supply chain at the moment. Behind the scenes the situation is as serious as we have ever seen so we wanted to be clear on what problems businesses are facing and how you can help. 

Good News - Bad news

The good news is that we have stock ready to send to you. However, it has taken us 4 weeks to get 70 pallets of our Advent Calendars from the factory to our distribution centre due to lorry driver shortages. 

But the bad news is once goods have sold out then we will be getting no more.  As Tesco are no longer stocking the Real Advent Calendar there is no opportunity to buy at the last moment. So we are encouraging you to place orders for Advent & Christmas as soon as possible to avoid disappointment or delays. I expect major problems in the whole of the UK supply chain from mid to late November onwards. So you also need to think about where else you shop and make allowances.

Brexit problems 

Despite the Prime Minister's assurances we now face regulations, paperwork and significant costs for sending goods to non mainland GB with a risk that goods will be stuck in a mountain of red tape or face unexpected customs duties.  So reluctantly The Meaningful Chocolate Company has had to stop exports to Northern Ireland, The Channel Islands,  the Isle of Man and the EU.  We are bitterly disappointed at this situation. We encourage people to write to their MP if they feel strongly on the issue (feel free to copy this paragraph). Mainline GB deliveries are not effected. 

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