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Bali Bowl

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Splendid bowls made in Bali, Indonesia from suar hardwood. The surface is decorated with a choice of three designs. Each 12cm tall x 30cm diameter.

The tropical hardwood used here is known in Bali as 'saur': the botanical name is albizia saman. This is the tree often also called the rain tree. In the tropics these trees grow fast and very easily but the resulting hardwood is robust and beautiful.

Produced by Mitra Bali a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation that complies with the WFTO Fair Trade Standard. 

Here's how each of these magnificent bowls is made:
1. Carefully select a log of sustainable-approved timber.
2. Saw the log to the required size.
3. Use a lathe to cut out the round bowl shape.
4. Now dry the bowl in a kiln so it is properly seasoned.
5. Sand the bowl, making all the surfaces smooth.
6. Mix a special adhesive of glue and sawdust and spread that onto the outside surfaces.
7. One by one, attach to the surface the decorative bits of bamboo or coconut shell that form the eventual pattern.
8. Smooth up the-surface with more glue and sawdust formula to build a regular and even surface.
9. Sand the new surface with a grinder and by hand, until it is really smooth.
10. Apply the finish.

Supplied by One Village who we are delighted to work with.