Real Halloween Campaign

The Real Halloween campaign is a way to challenge kids to explore the Christian faith, to do good and to enjoy great Fairtrade chocolate. Quite often people feel that there has to be more to Halloween than dressing kids up as serial killers or monsters.

The Meaningful Treat Pack is a way to challenge kids to look at the good in the world, to do a bit of good by giving to a charity and to enjoy some great Fairtrade chocolate. It is a chance for 5-11 year olds to shine this Halloween. ( Buy here. )

As there is a very limited supply we advise ordering early in September.

You can read more about the Packs here or Buy here.

This is the the second year our pack has been available and it is a chance to engage and encourage the journey of faith. It is a similar approach that we have taken with our Real Easter Eggs and Real Advent Calendars.


Halloween treats to support Jesus light

The Meaningful Treat Pack has helped support the ‘Jesus Light' which appears at Blackpool illuminations. 

The Jesus light will be seen by an estimated 52 million people over its fifteen year lifespan. The dynamic new display is 15ft tall by 10 ft wide and shows a dark Good Friday cross which transforms into a resurrection scene.

We think the Jesus light is a great idea and think it’s great that our Meaningful Treat Packs will support an idea which helps Jesus shine in the darkness.

Rev. Brian Cox, who is co-ordinating Jesus Light project, said; "We welcome the desire to shed Christ's light at Halloween and to partner with sharing His life through the Blackpool Illumination."