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Aromatics Incense


Incense made from nature's purest essential oils. 

For home interiors aromatic sticks, with natural essential oils, are considered the most effective and convenient way to circulate authentic fragrances.

There is no need to spray your home with aerosol chemicals, synthetic aromas of plug-in or use incense that is made from chemicals or dubious materials.

Hand made at Edayanchavadi, Auroville, India. These aromatic incense sticks are hand made according to the traditional method – absolutely free from synthetics or animal substances, and not adulterated by the heavy carrier-agents so often used by others.

Place in a holder, light the coated end, blow out the flame, enjoy the aroma.

Each pack has contains 12 incense sticks and comes in a distinct colour envelope of hand made paper.

Inside each envelope are twelve 20cm sticks: always contained in a re-sealable pouch and, where appropriate, also wrapped in butter paper. All natural ingredients. 100% vegetarian. 100% vegan.

Scents available:








When lighting, make sure you blow out the flame. Incense is hot when burning. Take care that residues of ash do not burn or fall and damage surfaces such as wood, textiles, carpet. We recommend using an incense holder made of stone to help to avoid this. See here.

Aromatics Incense comes from an artisans' society in a village within Auroville, southern India. Part of the earnings from the incense supports the village school and also New Creation Schools, Auroville.

Supplied by One Village who we are delighted to work with.