Ordering the Real Easter Egg 2019

You might have heard that Traidcraft PLC is currently reviewing its future operations. During this period Traidcraft is not able to reserve its usual quota of Real Easter Eggs for 2019. 

Churches who usually buy Real Easter Eggs from Traidcraft need to register with The Meaningful Chocolate Company so that enough eggs can be made to supply those churches. We have to plan production, order card for boxes and chocolate so please do not delay registering. 

Traidcraft churches should register now by following this link.

If you buy directly from us you do not need to register.


Why you need to register 

Although Traidcraft sales represent only a small part of the total number of Real Easter Eggs sold every year, Traidcraft churches often buy The Real Easter Egg in bulk. This enables congregation members to buy a product which shares the Easter message of faith, hope and love. So it is important that Traidcraft churches register now and not lose this opportunity for mission. 

We asked UK churches to support the Real Easter Egg in 2010 and we hope you will do so again. Please share this message and request.

David Marshall, 
CEO The Meaningful Chocolate Company

You can read more about the situation here.

Traidcraft : a tribute

The Real Easter Egg was launched in 2010 Traidcraft and its staff have supported us since our launch. 

We have been very grateful to our friends at Traidcraft for their support over the past eight years. Our thoughts are with all the staff, suppliers and fair trade growers during this time of change.  We pray a new stronger Traidcraft will emerge from their review. We will keep you informed if you can continue to buy Real Easter Eggs from Traidcraft.


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