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The Real Easter Egg  

Out of the whopping 80 million chocolate Easter Eggs sold each year in the UK, not one of them explains the meaning of Easter. Until now that is. 

The Real Easter Egg is the UK's first and only Fairtrade charity egg to explain the events of the Easter. Each year the content design changes.

There are four types of egg.

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Customised Bars - Making the switch to a Fairtrade bar is simple

Join the revolution in heritage chocolate bar retailing

For the first time in the UK, we can provide a fast-track access to a fully certified Fairtrade bar with a customised wrapper.

A souvenir bar, which carries the Fairtrade logo, will be very attractive to visitors, customers and supporters - 80% said they expect to see a Fairtrade souvenir bar in visitor shops.*

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Meaningful words Bars 

Coming soon.

Customised Moment bars - our famous bars, ready to go.

Coming soon.

Chunky Buttons

Our Chunky Buttons are made from the finest milk chocolate with South American origin.  

Each 25g bag has about 10 buttons - RRP .85p

Delivered in a point of sale display case
containing 30 bags. To order email





The Real Advent Calendar

The Real Advent Calendar is a new and fun way for parents, grandparents and Godparents to share the Christmas story. Behind each of the 25 windows there is a Fairtrade chocolate star and a few words from the Christmas story. There is a 24-page Christmas story booklet to read, keep and enjoy.

As well as celebrating the true meaning of Christmas, the calendar makes a charity donation to The Funzi and Bodo Trust from every sale.

Costs £3.99 each (which includes VAT and charitable donation).

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