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Our new Christmas range has launched. For more information see our products page here.

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Taste test at CRE
Come along to CRE and taste our great chocolate

The secret of cheap Easter Eggs
You can often find cheap Easter eggs. They look like a bargain. So, as it is Fairtrade Fortnight, I thought you should know some of the facts. My advice is always check the label as it can be a shock to discover the creamy taste of your favourite chocolate brand is derived from cold fast food fat or oil used in face cream– and not natural Cocoa butter. You can read the full story below along with a video.

Meaningful Chocolate Christmas shop opens
For those of you who want to buy bulk stock from us we are selling them on our own online shop. We only have 400 cases so when they have gone, they have gone.

Advent purple ‘belongs to Cadbury’ ?
The Meaningful Chocolate Company has been forced to redesign its faith based range after it was advised that ‘Advent purple belongs to Cadbury’.

Bishop of Aston welcomes The Real Easter Egg to UK Supermarkets
The Bishop of Aston, Rt Rev Andrew Watson, will be at Morrisons in Small Heath, Birmingham tomorrow (Thur 22 March) promoting the Real Easter Egg. Since its launch in 2010, demand for the egg has been so high that four national supermarkets are stocking it this year.

We've sold out
Having distributed more than 123,000 Real Easter Eggs, The Meaningful Chocolate Company has now sold out of its mail order supply of eggs for 2012. Our friends at Traidcraft have supplies for as long as their stocks last.

Real demand for the Easter Egg
Supermarkets and independent retailers across the UK are being inundated with calls from customers searching for The real Easter Egg, the first and only Fairtrade egg to mention Jesus and the events of Holy Week on the box.

Supermarkets to put Jesus on trial this Easter
A church backed campaign has succeeded in convincing retailers to stock The Real Easter Egg, the UK’s first and only Fairtrade charity egg to mention Jesus on the box. Morrison’s, Waitrose, Co-op and Booths are to stock a limited ‘trial listing’ of the Real Easter Egg and sell it in their biggest stores.

Schools Campaign Revealed
Church leaders from across the UK are asking church schools to put in their order for The Real Easter Egg before 1 December 2010. For schools that do there will be educational resources available in January 2011 with The Real Easter Eggs being delivered early in 2011.

Bishop of Manchester visits Ancoats
The Meaningful Chocolate Company were delighted to welcome the Rt Rev’d Nigel McCulloch, Bishop of Manchester to our offices recently.

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