Some questions people have asked us...

Is your chocolate organic?

At present the introduction of organics is seen as a high risk to the livelihood of our farmers. Cocoa, the raw ingredient of chocolate, is very prone to diseases which, if not dealt with quickly, can wipe out the crop. In 1986 disease wiped out vast numbers of cocoa trees in Brazil.

It is worth noting that Fairtrade certification tends to be awarded to smaller farmers and cooperatives which often rely on natural crop protection as pesticides are expensive. There are over 2 million cocoa farmers in Africa.

Is your chocolate suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, our chocolate is made with natural cocoa butter and contains no vegetable fat substitutes.

Is your chocolate nut and gluten free?

None of the ingredients in our chocolate contain nuts/wheat/gluten. However, the place where our Eggs are wrapped does handle nuts and produces items containing wheat/gluten, therefore we cannot guarantee totally nut or gluten free chocolate

Why is your chocolate not healthier?

Our aim is to make chocolate that most people can enjoy as a treat and as part of a balanced diet. We use the best natural ingredients in our chocolate. If we replaced natural cocoa butter or sugar with highly processed artificial alternatives then fewer people would enjoy it. So we say enjoy our chocolate but be treat-wise.

Why is your chocolate not 100% Fairtrade?

All the cocoa and sugar used to make our chocolate is certified Fairtrade. Some ingredients are not yet available from Fairtrade supplies so no chocolate can be 100% Fairtrade.


Where does your chocolate come from?

Our chocolate and sugar comes from a number of coopeartives listed below. Each supplier receives Fairtrade Growers Premuim which is paid on top of the market value they receive. 


Details Cane Sugar cooperatives  
Oxfam 1480 Cooperativa Producción Agroindustrial Manduvira Ltda.  Paraguay
1488 Copa cañera  
Pronatec 3199 Azucarera La Felsina AICASA (Cane processor & exporter Paraguay
  2964 ASOCACE, Asociación de Cunicultores Orgánicos de la Zona Central Cane producers Paraguay
Tate & Lyle   Beliz  
Details Cocoa Cooperatives BC France  
Ivory Coast 2771 Kavokiva Cooperativa Agitrcole Kavokiva de Daloa
4827 Coopek Cooperative Espoir de Detesso
18475 Uirevi Union Inter Regionales Victoires
3568 Coopaga Cooperative Agricole de Gabiadji
19452 Coopaaako Organización Cooperative Agrícola Abocanin D'Akoupe Producción 
Dom Rep 1473 Conacado Confederacion Nacional de Cacaocultures Dominicanos
6393 Cooproagro Cooperaqtivea de Productores Agropecuarios
Ghana   Duappa Kokko Union  
Peru 2873 Cooperativa Agraria Industrial Nranjilo  
2663 Cooperativa Agraria Cafetelera Valle Rio Apurimac  
3106 Cooperativa Agraria cCacaotera Ltds - acopagro  
Panama 3672 Cocabo  
Equateur 3602 Fedecade