Bishop of Aston welcomes The Real Easter Egg to UK Supermarkets


The Bishop of Aston, Rt Rev Andrew Watson, will be at Morrisons in Small Heath, Birmingham tomorrow (Thur 22 March) promoting the Real Easter Egg. Since its launch in 2010, demand for the egg has been so high that four national supermarkets are stocking it this year.

The Bishop said, ‘I want to congratulate Morrisons for backing this great idea. There are more than 80 million Easter Eggs sold in the UK every year and it’s brilliant that people now have the choice of buying an egg that celebrates the real meaning of Easter. The Real Easter Egg not only tastes good but does good. Birmingham has a long tradition in chocolate production, so what could be better than for us to bring this ground-breaking product here.’

The Bishop will be joined by internationally acclaimed Canadian singer, Tara Mathew, who will perform live. Tara has performed live on TV and radio all over the world and at 17 sang the opening theme song for The Canada Games followed by a performance at the Pan-Am Games to 80,000 people. Tara will be performing live at Morrison’s Supermarket to promote the launch of The Real Easter Egg and her new single that tells the Easter story in her classic song and video, ‘In Three Days’. For more information go to

An advertising campaign will run in selected Morrisons car parks in the run-up to Easter. The ads have been supported by Gloucester-based church insurance specialists Ecclesiastical. John Coates, from Ecclesiastical said,“We are proud to say that we have supported The Real Easter Egg from the beginning. Our schools competition, to design an ad for the egg, was great fun and produced imaginative ads. The Real Easter Egg is a great way to champion ethical trading, charitable work, and the message of faith on the box has clearly proven popular.”

Morrisons Corporate Affairs Director Richard Taylor said, ‘The Egg is a great addition to our range, offering customers even greater choice and the opportunity to raise money for good causes at the same time.’

David Marshall, from the Meaningful Chocolate Company, said, ‘When I came up with the idea of the Real Easter Egg, little did I think we would be welcoming it across hundreds of supermarket stores. I want to thank Morrisons and the other three supermarket chains, Co-op, Booths and Waitrose, for their support and vision. Our aim was to share the Easter Message and raise more than £60,000 through the egg for our various charities and we are on target. We have already sold over 95,000 eggs online but have sold out due to demand. So, the only way to get hold of a Real Easter Egg is from a local supermarket or an independent store. You can find a list of who is stocking The Real Easter Egg on our website,

Egg availability

80 million Easter eggs are sold in the UK every year. More than 50 million of these are sold in the week leading up to Easter Day. The Real Easter Egg is available at Morrisons The Co-op, Booths, Waitrose and from Asda, Sainsbury and Tesco will meet with the team from the Real Easter Egg in the spring with the aim of bringing The Real Easter Egg to every main supermarket in the UK in 2013.


Charitable donation


15p from each Real Easter Egg sale is donated to Traidcraft Exchange. The cocoa and sugar farmers also earn a Fairtrade Premium of $60 a tonne from sales to invest in community projects that they choose, from buying chickens to securing fresh water supplies. A fee is also paid to The Fairtrade Foundation to support their work including its education programme. Last year over £26,000 was been donated to charity from sales.


Christian demand


With 7 million people attending church at least once a month, another 7 million supporting the ethos behind Fairtrade products, and nearly 8,000 Church Schools, demand is high for The Real Easter Egg. Logistics and delivery are managed through Traidcraft.

About Traidcraft

Traidcraft Exchange is a development charity which helps small-scale farmers and producers gain the confidence, knowledge and opportunities to work together effectively, find markets for their products, and trade successfully – resulting directly in increased incomes and improved livelihoods. It also lobbies and campaigns for trade policies and practices that help – rather than harm – people in the developing world, and encourage those who feel powerless to speak up for their rights.


The Real Easter Egg was developed by Manchester-based The Meaningful Chocolate Company, following a two year development programme. There was consistently strong interest from all levels of the faith sector. Research included a taste test with 120 bishops from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Sales facts

The Real Easter Egg became the biggest mail order egg in 2011 and 2012. More then 190,000 eggs were sold and it was bought by thousands of people and a significant number of schools. Bulk orders ranged from 6 to 1000 eggs at a time